Lose weight in 3 steps. How to get in shape for the New Year in 1 month

Four weeks before the New Year: enough time to work on yourself. Any sports issue begins with health, and during this period you will lose 20 kilograms. At the same time, if you forget about excuses and work hard, you will be able to feel comfortable in the same dress or easily button up a treacherously flying button on your pants.

weight loss in 3 steps per month

You can take the recommendations as a punishment, or believe in yourself and understand: there is nothing complicated. For just four weeks, we forget about genetics, heredity, wide bones and apathy. Don't worry: in January we will tell you how to rehabilitate yourself and get back in shape after the tables bursting with New Year's dishes.

Start eating

You've heard about the dangers of a low-carb diet, breakdowns, kickbacks, dozens of times, but you may think: in your case, it will work. Trust me, no. The body is smarter and will still take its toll: think if it's worth it. For several days you will sit on apples and kefir, but as soon as the body gives a signal, you will start eating without stopping. Worse yet, disrupt the hormonal balance, which cannot be corrected only by diet and sports.

eating the right foods for weight loss frequently

Eat more often, but not sugar, rolls, candy, and wine. Train yourself to eat breakfast if you don't already. Porridge with delicious milk, toast with avocado, curd cheese or fish, granola. For lunch - chicken, turkey, fish or a side dish with salad. Dinner - protein and fiber, which should be a must-have in the refrigerator.

It is green vegetables and salads that are essential for healthy, efficient digestion and weight loss. Fiber is food for beneficial intestinal microflora. It is she who prevents the appearance of hunger, limits overeating.

Carry along with you snacks in case of hunger: apples, chopped vegetables, nuts, protein bars or organic bars. This will prevent you from going into the grocery store hungry to buy a 700-calorie chocolate bar or bun.

And most importantly: increase the amount of water consumed to two liters or more, if you are comfortable.

Normalize sleep

Correct and high-quality sleep gives vigor and strength, the body feels "safe", and you feel rested. This helps the metabolism and prevents excess deposits from being deposited on the sides.

Correct and high-quality sleep is a condition for losing weight

You need to go to bed before midnight, preferably earlier. Melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleep, works wonders for the body and excess weight. Also, during sleep, internal organs and processes continue to work, during which fat is destroyed for energy storage.


The only thing that works with weight loss is a calorie deficit, which you consume less than you spend. Set goals and pace your rate. Walk an hour after breakfast and an hour before bed, substitute walking for transportation whenever possible.

replace trips with walking for weight loss

Work out at home, try yoga or stretching, leave the office for a coffee break, sign up for a month at the gym. Yes, it's already dark outside in the daytime, and it's hard to force yourself to even make breakfast - much less imagine yourself getting on a treadmill. Therefore, your motivation and the issue of priorities are included here: leave everything as it is, including the previous appearance, or overcome laziness and start with any activity. Challenge yourself to have more movement than usual.

do yoga or gymnastics at home for weight loss

If you still have strength and desire, sign up for a massage, go to the bathhouse, work on your posture or face.