Complexes of exercises for slimming sides and abdomen

The most difficult thing is that extra pounds leave the abdomen and sides. To lose weight at the waist, you have to use special sets of exercises and combine physical activity with proper nutrition. There are many selections of exercises for burning belly fat. Some are more suitable for morning workouts, while others are recommended for evening fitness sessions.

Losing the abdomen and sides: exercises for morning exercises

The first set of exercises can be performed during morning exercises. It includes:

  • Raises the legs. You need to lie on the floor, stretch your legs, put your hands under your buttocks. From this position, slow leg raises are performed. Straight legs are raised, but if this is too difficult, it is allowed to bend the knees a little. The ascent is followed by a three-second stop, after which the limbs are lowered to their original position. The exhalation is done on the rise, the inhalation is on the downward movement. In this exercise and in all subsequent ones, 3 sets of 15 repetitions are done.
  • Classic crunches. In the same position - lying on your back - the legs are bent and the feet are shoulder-width apart. Hands are wound behind the head, elbows are directed to the sides. The head does not tilt forward. With the effort of the abdominal muscles, the upper body rises and approaches the legs. The movement is carried out on exhalation. With inhalation, the body is lowered to the starting position.
  • Twisting to the side. The exercise is performed in the same way as the classic twists, the only difference: simultaneously with lifting the body, a turn is made to the side. The right elbow should be drawn to the left knee, and the left elbow should be drawn to the right knee.
  • Exercise "scissors". At the start, a position familiar from the first exercise is used: lying on your back, legs straight, palms under the buttocks. With the effort of the abdominal muscles, the straight legs are brought up to a height of 30 centimeters and fixed. Cross movements are performed, that is, one leg is taken even higher, and the other lowers to the floor, but does not touch it. Then both legs move towards each other, cross, and the "lower" leg goes up, and the "upper" - goes down. The prescribed number of repetitions is done.

The complex is recommended for daily use. You don't have to do all three sets of 15 reps at once. You can do one approach of each exercise, and thus repeat the entire set of exercises three times.

Slimming the abdomen and sides: a set of exercises for an evening workout

Raising the pelvis

The second set of exercises is for evening training. Not everyone has the opportunity to exercise in the morning, although morning workouts for weight loss are more effective than evening ones. The evening workout selections are usually more voluminous. An example option:

  • For warm-up - walking in place. Enough 30 seconds. You need to walk vigorously with a high rise of the knees. There should be four steps for each inhalation / exhalation.
  • Raising the pelvis. Performed lying on your back with bent legs and arms extended along the body. The pelvis rises smoothly, and the entire body from shoulders to knees is aligned as much as possible.
  • Raises the legs. While in the supine position, slowly raise your straight legs, put them upright, stop for two seconds. Smoothly return your feet to the floor.
  • Wide lunges. A standing position is taken, hands are placed on the belt. The abdomen is pulled in, the abdominal muscles tighten. The widest step forward is made with a squat on the stepping leg. In this case, the knee should not protrude beyond the toe. To rise from a lunge, you need to push off with your leg extended.
  • Machi. In a standing position, high-amplitude kicks are performed.
  • "Scissors". Position - lying on your back. Straight legs are crossed first in a vertical plane (moving up and down), then horizontally (spread apart and brought together with a cross).

Each exercise is repeated 10 to 15 times. In total, 2-3 approaches are done. You can perform all the exercises of the complex in one approach, and then repeat the complex 1-2 more times.

Ten Minute Tummy and Flank Slimming Workout

Alternating knee pulling

An example of a short workout for losing weight in the waist area for those who have no time for fitness at all:

  • Tightening the knees to the chin. The exercise is performed while sitting on the buttocks. Hands are brought back and rest on the floor. Legs are extended forward. The knees are bent and smoothly pulled up to the chin. After each pull-up, the legs are extended and placed on the floor.
  • Alternating knee pulling up to the chin. The same work is carried out as in the previous exercise, only the legs are brought to the chin not together, but alternately.
  • Pulling the knees to the chin (option number 2). It is performed in the same way as the first exercise of this complex with one difference: the lower limbs after extension are not placed on the floor, but are held in weight.
  • Reverse crunches. In the supine position, arms are extended at the sides. The legs are bent, lifted and pulled towards the body.
  • Classic crunches (described above).
  • Sitting leg raises. The starting position is sitting on the buttocks with support on hands, wound behind the back. Straight legs rise smoothly above the floor.
  • Alternating leg raises while sitting. Straight legs do not rise together, but in turn.
  • Lying leg raises. Position - lying on your back. Straight legs rise smoothly to an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Turns of the legs. Lie on your back and spread your arms to the sides. The legs are bent at the knees and in a bent form they deviate to the right and then to the left. The thigh should touch the surface of the floor, while the hands and body do not come off the floor.
  • Pulling the knees to the chest while sitting on a chair. Holding the edges of the chair with your hands, pull your knees to the body.
  • Keeping the legs on weight. In a prone position, straight legs rise above the floor at an angle of 45 degrees and are held still for as long as possible.

Each exercise is performed for 45 seconds. Rest breaks should be kept to a minimum. As a result, the entire weight loss workout will take about 10 minutes. It can be done at any convenient time.